It wasn't long after the bicycle was invented that the riders began putting their new machines to the test. What started as impromptu races soon evolved into organized and often professional sporting leagues. The "Golden Age of Cycling" hit its peak of popularity in the 1890's. Cycling had traveled across the globe from Europe to the Americas to Asia.

While sports cycling had dwindled in popularity through the twentieth century there are still very well known Cycling Events. The Tour de France has an international audience for this traditional race that has been held for over a hundred years. Today interest in cycling has increased due to BMX and Extreme Cycling competitions.

With newer bicycles and improved technology the sport of cycling has taken several forms. Some contests are played out on open road conditions and can be either solo or team competitors. Track racing pits speed cycling skills along a special enclosed oval race track. For the rugged sportsman on two wheels the cross country dirt bike competitions draw many admirers.

As ubiquitous and pervasive as bicycles are in our world for exercise, travel and work it is not really surprising that the preponderance of bicycle competitions are of the amateur and hobby variety.

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