There is not a great deal of equipment involved in playing English Football. Each player must have a kit that contains shorts, shirt, socks, proper shoes and most importantly a set of adequate shin guards. Watches, jewelry, metal belt buckles and other potentially dangerous item of personal attire are not permitted doing play. The goalkeeper has the same basic kit but must wear clothing that is markedly different from the rest of his team.

The game officials are also required to wear clothing that is easily recognizable and not be confused with individual team colors. Besides a whistle to gain attention and call penalties, he is also provided with two color coded cards as "flags" to signal whether a player is being warned of a violation or being ordered out of the game.

The playing field, called the pitch, has its own standing equipment. At each end of the 100 to 130 yard length of the field are two goalposts eight feet apart with a horizontal crossbar eight feet high. While many clubs hang nets behind the goals, they are not required in the rules of the game.

And then there is the ball itself. Since the 1950's the standard football has been the thirty two panel spheroid with an approximate circumference of twenty seven inches.

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