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While reporting the game scores and results is very important for the participating teams, they do not always like the source that delivers the message. While some sports organizations, especially in America, will allow some access to the players by sportswriters and sports journalists, there are other countries where the press is barely tolerated.

Like any reporter, a sports journalist cannot rely solely on the press releases presented by the team's publicist, but must actively seek newsworthy happenings and information about the team owners, coaches and players. It is because of the sometimes poor light their stories can show that cools relationships between them. Reporting on sports matters began the controversial issues regarding steroids and enhancement drug use among athletes.

As with any good investigative reporter of world news, the sport journalist has to work to time deadlines and in this particular field the time from the end of a game till the paper must be printed can be narrow but the same accuracy and completeness must be created with far less time. To immerse oneself in such a competitive environment can cause the journalist to have to work extra hard to maintain a proper objective view.

Sports is a very integral part of world society and is the one place within all the news where all people can find a common thread of fraternity. A sports journalist can be sometimes even more influential than those with front page bylines.

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