The origins of the game of golf cannot be traced precisely but it is believed to have developed in Scotland by the 12th century. Golf is predominately a game of the upper classes of English speaking people with over half of the 32,000 golf courses being in the United States alone. Socially golf has developed into a game of the business world where executives are more likely to make their deals over a round of golf and have their subordinates finalize the details in the board room later.

The rules of the game have been internationally formalized for a long time. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) established in 1754 are the ultimate authority worldwide with the United States Golf Association managing the rules in the US and Mexico.

The play of the game is outdoors in specially designed fields. Across the acres are usually placed 9 or 18 flat short cropped "greens" where the target hole is located. The player uses a specially designed club to strike the ball and attempt to put it in the hole with the fewest strokes. With the average range being from 100 to 250 yards in length with a multitude of natural and artificial obstacles in the way, it is not a boring game despite the leisurely pace it seems to take.

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