It is an indisputable fact that humans love speed and the invention of the motor car gave them an undying love of the chase. In a sport with barely a hundred years of tradition behind it, the automobile has evolved to fill the speed niche.

The first auto races were held in the late 1890's and took place on the open road. These contests were designed more for testing the durability of new brands than just to seek the fastest cars. The 1930's changed that. With such reputable manufacturers as Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz and Delage producing purely racing car designs there was an increasing need to keep them on a special track.

While touring races are still an international favorite and there are many distance and endurance races held each year, the track races hold the larger audience and general appeal. Stock car racing has branched out into several forms. The National Stock Car Racing Association (NASCAR) is probably the most famous racing series in the world.

While originally "stock" cars were just that, factory stock engine and parts, they have evolved in the 20th century into specialized machines that never see use on an actual highway. Motorcycle dirt bikes, dune buggies and ATV's are also a part of the ever expanding world of motor sports.

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