Probably the oldest form of athletic competition, running has been a recorded event since the early Olympic games in ancient Greece. Whether it is in individual competition or group and team racing the object has always been to be faster than your opponent.

Track running is the most popular and the most structured of the running sports. Track and Field events are held from grade school level up through secondary and college level institutions. These events include racing for both speed, like the 100 meter dash, to endurance runs and marathons. Some similar events are held on open roadways.

Cross country and trail racing takes the sport out into the country side and can be held in many environments from prairie trails to the deep woods paths with their own special obstacles to overcome.

Some running events are held as team relay races with the objective of carrying a marker, usually a short baton, and passing it in turn from runner to runner. Running sports events are a large part of the Olympic competition. Many cities and communities will host marathon runs that have entrants that number into the thousands for a competition. While there are some professional running sports events, the primary focus is on the amateur levels.

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