Camp Sites

Many people are interested in seeing and experiencing nature, they just do not want to experience nature fully. What is meany by this is that most people will not just go hiking in a forest and pitch a tent there, so camp sites were developed.

Camp sites are usually found in a collection and are a cleared area for people to pitch a tent or park a campervan. There for the camper gives the rustic experience with out having to be so rustic. Many camp sites contain extra amenities such as running water and electricity to make the camping experience a little more enjoyable.

Camp sites are usually found in state and national parks but there are also privately held campgrounds. No matter whom the owner of the camp ground is there is usually a daily or weekly fee to stay on the camp site, extra costs are also incurred for such amenities as running water and electricity.

Many camp grounds have a policy where you must book or reserve a camp site in advance this is to provide order and function to the camp ground system.

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