Cottages & Gites

Cottages have been dwellings that have come through the ages and today are used mainly for vacationing. They are privately owned and rented for the person going on holiday and wants to avoid the mainstream hotels. Today cottages have changed from the past and can now be found in vacation areas near forests, cities, and rather than a small home they are now built to accommodate the bedroom size that any family needs while still keeping their warmth and charm.

In the Middle Ages they were known to be homes of cotters, which were people who lived on an estate and aided the landowner with their land. Where this idea spread into the 18th century and there were miners cottages, weavers cottages as well as others of different occupations. These cottages often times offered a few acres of land, which the cottage worker may have used for their crops and own animals.

Cottages also gained another name; they would also become called a penty, which was a one-room house used by some fishermen and laborers, that was attached to an estate.

The gite is in a way the French version of the cottage that are rented for holidays or vacations, it is a small furnished home where the owner lives in close proximity in order to aid the renter with any of their needs. Gites are privately owned ant rented by the owner to vacationer and are known as self-catering and can even be found in complexes that have swimming pools.

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