Ships have sailed the oceans for hundreds of years carrying goods and passengers to new places, the early ships had rough accommodations unlike the ships of today. Even after ships were not the only mode of travel they were still a popular mode of transportation for the wealthy as well as the poor.

Over the years the accommodations became so much better that companies began to brag about what their ships had to offer passengers in the ways of comfort.

They began to build this ship larger and with more comforts for their passengers, so what began as the only way to move goods and people from one place to another turned into a luxury for the wealthy to travel from places like Europe to America.

These ships were outfitted with items like crystal chandeliers and beautiful wood decks filled with chairs for passengers. The companies became very competitive as to who could build the most luxurious ships, like the Titanic.

Even today you will find ship lines advertising what they offer aboard ship; they have ballrooms, several dinning rooms, shops, games of all sorts, enough entertainment that once aboard ship you would not be bored or have to leave the ship till the end of a cruise.

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