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Travel usually includes a destination, and today there are many places that one can travel to, there are hotels in every city, some of which have been in business for many, many years and have historic value, then there are resorts which have many activities for people that like sun, water, and outdoor type sports. There are resorts that are geared to people of different ages and that have different types of entertainment to fit a persons idea of vacation.

Vacationing is not altogether new, however in further in the past travel was usually reserved for the wealthy or the women of the family rather than the whole family at certain times of year such as summer vacations. In the past summer would have been one of the most busy times for families that had farms, or those who grew their own vegetables, therefore these families would not have traveled in the warm months. These families also if traveling would be traveling to another family members home and not to a hotel or resort as vacationers today, so the types of vacations that we take, and even our parents took are far different than earlier generations who went directly to another home and not necessarily for pleasure or relaxation.

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