Eco-Tourism is one of the newer ways of taking a vacation for those who are concerned with the planet and how much trouble it might actually be in because of humans, this type of travel is to have a low impact on the spot you vacation in, if you are surrounded by mother nature on your vacation the idea of eco-tourism is to not leave a trace that you have been there and at the same time doing something to benefit the area that you are visiting, such as a visit to the rainforest and the local inhabitants in which you some way help their standard of living.

The keywords for eco-tourism is conserve and improve the area.

This may seem impossible to do, to have no impact and at the same time have a impact, but it is not with this type of vacation, the eco-tourist is not actually on vacation, they are on a mission to help the area that they visit.

The destination of the eco-tourist is usually to remote areas or environmentally protected areas either on a national level or an international one. Being an eco-tourist is a responsibility rather than relaxation when on vacation, and is taken very seriously by true eco-tourists.

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