For travelers exchanges are a different way of traveling, one that has gone on for sometime, this is where a homeowner leases their home to a family looking to vacation at a certain spot but would rather a home to stay in than a hotel.

Today this is an organized form of travel; there are organizations that homeowners and travelers can join, many of these offer special points for the homeowner that they can then trade in for a stay in other homes. These exchanges are not a timeshare program, these are home owned and often the owners then become involved with the person staying in their rental home, as the often live close by.

These clubs or organizations are a mediator in a sense, while they do not settle disagreements should one arise, they do help people looking for this kind of vacation accommodations matching them with other vacation homeowners. There are different ways that these programs work, if both people own a vacation home they can do a swap of their homes, while it does not have to be done at the same time. It does often work to the benefit of both parties involved.

Many people that use this type of service do not own a vacation home but do find comfort in the fact that they can rent a vacation home that is listed on one of these websites at the destination they would like to visit.

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