Safari Holidays

Safari Holidays are one of the fastest growing forms of tourism, as better access to their main locations has allowed more people to go on these types of trips.

Essentially a Safari Holiday is one in which the tourist is able to get up close to animals in their natural environment.

Through the use of buses, horses, or other means, guides will generally take a small group out to an area where wildlife is known to flourish.

This of course is particularly popular in Africa where there is a substantial amount of wildlife readily available in their natural environment. These safaris originated from the actual hunting of animals.

As the stocks of wild animals dwindled from over hunting, these safari companies began bringing in tourists for the purpose of viewing animals.

Nowadays, safari holidays are one of the most popular trips that a tourist can go on in these regions.

More recently, these safari companies are setting up tents and tourists are able to spend the night in the wild and get a much better feel for the wild than they ever would from sitting on bus. There are even hardened shelters on some safaris for those that are a bit nervous about the massive animals that roam in the wild.

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