Time Shares

Time Shares are an interesting way of vacationing, and has been around for quite some time, the definition of time-sharing it a jointly owned vacation property. However this does not necessarily mean only land-based properties, as it can also include properties such as boats, yachts, campsites, motor homes, and even planes. It is for the vacationers that with a group of other people buy a share of a property and the use of it is split between these people each having a certain amount of weeks per year to have the use of the property.

Depending on the type of vacation you take will decide the type of time-share you would invest in, for it is an investment in real property.

The idea of time-sharing first came to light in Europe in the 1960s in the French Alps, by a ski resort developer, who decided to encourage his guests to buy their rooms rather than to rent the room on short terms as it was a more economical use of their money and it also ensured that the rooms were always paid for and filled, making this a profitable investment for the developer. At the same time it ensured the guests that when they wanted to ski they had a room waiting for them and also what they could expect of the condition of this room.

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