Tours have been in existence for many, many years while today travel agents arrange them, they were not always; in times past groups of people also went on tours. They of course did not take tours for enjoyment; it was either for religious reasons or to visit shrines of one type or another for prayer. However, it can be considered a tour as they did this at times that were planned in advance with a group of people, where they would walk or ride to their planned destination, along with a planned amount of time that this group would spend there.

Today tours are still planned in groups, however the difference is from these people of long ago are today’s tours where they are planned in advance with pure enjoyment in mind. They maybe to a land destination or a cruise; there are tours of many types, wine tasting tours, tours of countries, and tours of anything that might interest a vacationer.

Tours can be setup with all people you know or you can join in with strangers that wish to travel to the same destination, tours have sleeping accommodations included as well as the type of travel. Whether it is by airplane, bus, or train, this is all planned along with some meals maybe included in a tour package. Tours are the perfect vacation for the traveler who while wanting to go to a certain destination and save money at the same time as tours are inclusive of many items that when purchased singularly would cost more.

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