Adult Directories

Adult directories are websites which link to other websites with content of interest to those in search of sexual fulfilment. Typically, these would include sites which offer the services of prostitutes (often euphemistically called escorts) could be purchased. Some of these may contain pictures of the person (predominantly women) whose services are available.

An adult directory would also usually contain links to websites which offer still images or video recordings of sexual acts being performed. There are, of course, many such sites on the web. Other kinds of sites linked to might include chat systems where people can hook up in real time with others of a similar disposition. Dating sites or personal ad sites where the sexually adventurous can connect with one another might also be included.

In addition, an adult directory would be expected to link to sites where phone or video sex is on offer. These services typically involve an erotic conversation in which the purchaser of the service would masturbate while being aurally and perhaps visually stimulated by the service provider.

Although most links on an adult directory would usually be most relevant to heterosexual men, a significant gay segment of the pornographic business also exists.

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