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Affiliate & Advertising Directories are websites which exist to provide links to other websites connected to the business of online advertising. Advertising on the internet has become a substantial business and many websites owners now earn money for themselves by featuring advertisements on their sites. Various schemes exist but, in general, a website owner will sign up to an affiliate programme, then receive unique HTML code which he will then place on his site. Visually, the effect of the code will be to create dynamic advertising text or a banner which will also serve as a link to the website of the company behind the advertisement. Each time someone clicks on the link, it will be recorded; and each time someone buys the associated product or service, it will be recorded. The website owner will then be rewarded for the number of sales generated through his site, usually on a commission basis.

An Advertising and Affiliate directory will contain links to many of the companies involved in this business. There are many affiliate schemes. Each may have its own requirements regarding the website content of would-be affiliates (for example, a common restriction is that pornographic sites are not accepted) and each may differ slightly in the details of the remuneration package.

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