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Article Directories are websites which articles which can be downloaded and placed on other websites. Usually this service is free though sometimes a fee may be charged. The articles will be arranged into categories according to their subject matter. Often the categories will be ordered hierarchically so that a visitor can drill down from a more general subject towards a more narrowly specialised one.

The articles on article directories typically are free of copyright restrictions so that a webmaster who decides to place one of the articles on his website can do so completely legally. This begs the obvious question of where the content on article directories comes from and why any writer would spend time writing such material only to see it distributed for free. The answer is that many of the articles on article directories are subtly promotional in nature. They often promote a website, for example, by including a link to it. In order to keep the article interesting, however, the promotional aspect of it can not be too blatant. Otherwise, webmasters will not be interested in using it.

Placing articles on articles directories if a favourite technique of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists who work to improve the search results rankings of websites.

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