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Blog directories are websites which offer links to, and information about, blogs. Blogs, for the uninitiated, are websites featuring informal writing on a variety of topics. Some are personal in nature, much like a kind of online diary while others tend to focus on particular themes. There are a vast number of blogs out there on the web so it is often difficult for a potential reader to find those based on subjects which he or she finds interesting; in addition, not all blogs are updated frequently; some bloggers blog only occasionally so it may not always be easy for readers to find fresh and relevant content. Blog directories attempt to solve this problem by offering lists of blogs in themed categories.

Usually, there will be a description of a blog as well, of course, as a link to it. There may be information on when it was last updated, or how many visitors it has received and the blog directory may showcase recently updated or popular blog posts on its front page.

Most blog directories operate on the basis that the blog owner himself enters the relevant information into the directory. Often, the directory rules require that the blog owner insert a backlink to the directory on the blogs web page.

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