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Business Directories are websites which contain links to business-related websites. These may be the websites of actual businesses or others which offer information relevant to businesses such as, for example, websites giving information about share prices or currency exchange rates.

The links will be presented in a hierarchical form, often being broken down into hierarchies by business type. For example, there may be a separate category for plumbing businesses and another for those selling computer-related equipment.

Some business directories are heavily oriented towards helping potential customers find a business providing the product or service they are looking for. In many ways, these business directories resemble an online version of the classic Yellow Pages which people would thumb through in order to find phone numbers of local businesses. Such sites will usually offer search facilities so that visitors can type in the name of the business they are looking for, or a place name, or can browse business types within a specific area. Once a relevant business is found, a business directory will usually provide contact information such as the business address, telephone and fax numbers and often a link to the businesss own website, if one exists. Sometimes there will also be a facility to show a map ofthe business location.

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