Computer & Internet directories

Computer and Internet directories are websites which offer links and descriptions of sites with content related to computers and the internet.

These links will be presented in a hierarchical form with super-categories opening up into sub-categories which, in turn, may open up into further sub-categories of their own. Topics explored in a computers and internet directory will typically include computer hardware, computer software, presented both from a user point of view as well as a software creators point of view which would therefore also have to encompass computer progamming languages and their associated software tools.

In theory, any website could fit in an internet category since, by its very nature, a website appears on the internet. In practice, this category will most likely be limited to informational resources related to the internet itself such as those which explain how to use internet resources such as email or some of the less popular internet protocols such as FTP or NNTP.

No computer and internet directory would be complete without featuring one of the most popular uses for computers, namely entertainment in the form of computer games. There may well also be an array of sub-categories related to his, perhaps dividing games by genre such as platform games or role-playing games.

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