Education & Reference Directories

Reference and education directories are websites which provide pointers to other websites likely to be of interest to those involved or thinking of becoming involved in formal courses of study at institutions of learning. The links to other resource will be presented in the form of category hierarchies so that users can browse through general categories they find appealing to find others related but smaller in scope.

Among the categories you could expect to find at the top of the heirarchy would be one for institutions of learning. When opened up, there would probably be links to further smaller categories such as universities, colleges, and other more specialised educational institutions such as medical schools or law schools. While they usually dont play host to formal courses of study, other institutions such as museums and art galleries can be important sources of information and might be represented in the directory too.

In addition, a good reference and education directory will contain links to resources which would be helpful while students completed work related to their courses. So, one would expect to encounter links to dictionaries, encyclopedias, translation tools, and online libraries. Other resources might include instructional material such as guides indicating the proper way to cite references and so forth.

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