Entertainment Directories

Entertainment directories are websites which provide links to other websites of relevance to those involved in the entertainment industry. The term entertainment is a fairly broad one and you might expect an entertainment directory to contain links to such things as Hollywood news and celebrity gossip sites.

In practice, however, most entertainment directories tend to focus on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the entertainment industry rather than its public facade. So, for example, you could expect to find such things as links to actors organisations such as unions and lists of agents. There would also be provision for those looking to hire the services of professional entertainers. For example, if you wanted to hire a magician to perform at a childrens party, you could go to an entertainment directory to find someone suitable. Similarly, other types of performer such as voicover specialists, mime artists, hypnotists, even psychics could be found.

Of course, music forms a big part of the entertainment industry and, in a good entertainment directory, you would expect to find links to places where musicians could be hired, for example to perform at a wedding.

The ancillary services such as catering which form an important practical part of whats involved in putting on an entertainment event would also be included in the list of links on an entertainment directory.

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