Finance Directories

Finance directories are websites portals containing links to other websites where financial products can be purchased or financial information can be found.

Credit cards are one of the most popular financial products and, typically, in a finance directory, there would be links to a range of credit card providers. As is common in directories, the larger categories may be broken up into smaller ones. So, for credit cards, for example, after a user clicks on the basic credit card link, he or she might see sub-categories such as Visa, Mastercard, Business credit cards and so forth.

Other major financial products which would undoubtedly be represented in a financial directory would include personal loans, insurance of various types, mortgages, pensions and bank accounts.

Once the user has browsed through the directory tree to find a product that may be of interest, there will usually be basic information provided about each one. For example, a credit card link might contain the name of the company, a link to its website and information about the interest rate charged as well as any special offers which pertain to it, such as 0% on balance transfers or similar. Some finance directories may even offer comparison facilities so users can assess the suitability of the various financial products for their own needs.

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