Food & Drink Directories

Food and drink directories are websites which provide pointers to other websites, organisations or information resources which are related to food and drink in some way. To assist navigation, the pointers will be grouped into helpful categories. In most cases, the pointers will probably be in the form of website links; however, in some cases, where a company does not have a website of its own, an address and phone number may be given instead.

Among the categories one would expect to find in a food and drink directory are those for all the major types of food and drink, for example meat, vegetables, fish, fruit, fruit juice, alcholoic beverages and fizzy drinks. Organic food has become very popular in recent years and would often be represented in a category of its own. Many food and drink directories will also feature resources relating to luxury foods, chocolates, ice cream and spices.

There might also be categories for special types of food eaten in unusual circumstances, for example athletes who need to maintain their physique or expectant mothers.

Links to food and drink retailers should be included in the directory as well, perhaps, as pointers to website which offer recipes for interesting dishes.

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