Forum Directories

Forum directories are websites which provide pointers to forums and message board websites. Forums are a popular way for people to discuss topics which interest them on the internet.

In a forum directory, the forums linked to will be grouped into categories according to what subject the forum is concerned with. So, for example, there might be a category for forums related to computer games; another related to motor vehicles; and still another related to gardening and so on.

Some forum directories might impose restrictions on the kind of forums they are willing to include. For example, since it is so easy to set up a forum using standard software, the directory owners might impose the requirement that the forum be popular and busy before it is included. One way to verify that would be to check the total number of posts on the forum, the average number of posts per day or the total number of registered users.

In order to be listed on a forum directory, the forum owners would usually have to enter the forum websites details on the directorys web page. Some forum directories will accept free submissions; others may charge a fee. In some cases, while free submissions are accepted, fee-based submissions are too and would be treated in some privileged way.

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