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Free directories are websites which act as jumping-off points for other websites and allow those other websites to be listed at no charge.

Websites of a similar nature and theme will be grouped into categories for easier navigation. The categories form a tree structure with broader categories branching out into smaller ones. A free web directory may have a general theme itself, for example, business information, or it may aspire to cover essentially the full spectrum of human interest subjects.

To get listed in a free web directory, typically the owner of a website must fill out a form, entering information about his website, including, of course, a link to it as well as providing a basic description of the subject matter it focuses on. Some web directories will then list the website immediately in an automated way. More commonly, though, a person will first review the website for suitability before it is listed on the directory site. Although most free web directories cover an extremely broad range of subject matter, there may be prohibitions in some areas. For example, some directories may refuse to accept pornographic sites. Many web directory sites charge a fee for the review process which leads to a website being listed. Free directories are obviously an exception to this.

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