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Gambling directories are websites which link to other websites which could be expected to be of interest to those who love gambling. These would include the websites of institutions, such as casinos and betting shops, where gambling can take place in the real world, as well as the many sites which offer online gambling facilities. Of course almost anything can be gambled upon but, traditionally, sports such as football and horse-racing have been the most popular occasions for a flutter when the gambler is not a direct participant in the action. There are also many ways for a person to gamble on things in which he or she is able to shape the outcome directly. Some of these are purely random, such as roulette games; others involve a degree of skill and judgement, such as playing as playing card games like poker.

Gambling directories will provide links to gambling institutions, as well as perhaps reviews of them. Links to websites which offer simulations of traditional gambling games, such as poker, roulette, even slot machines, will also be included. On some of these sites, the simulations will be purely for fun; on others, visitors will be able to stake real money on the outcome.

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