Gaming Directories

Gaming directories offer links to other websites which relate to videogames. Although the term game might be taken to refer to traditional games such as monopoly or poker, in practice it will usually refer to video games and most or all of the links on a gaming directory could be expected to relate to video games.

Gaming directories will often be categorised according to the hardware platform on which the games run. As well as the ever-present PC, the leading consoles of the day will usually have their own sections. Naturally, these change over the course of the years as new consoles are released. For some time, though, the major consoles have been from the same manufacturers, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Sega used to be a major player in console hardware but, after disappointing sales, withdrew from the hardware market to concentrate on software.

As well as categories based on the hardware platform, some gaming directories might include sub sections on different game genres. The most popular include MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), FPS (first person shooter) games, race games, strategy games, sports games, simulation games and fighting games.

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