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General directories are websites feature links to many other websites grouped into categories by theme. While some directories are narrowly focused, general directories aim to cover almost every subject. The links provided will be arranged into hierarchical trees which began with broad topics and branch down into smaller ones.

Since general directories feature such a broad range of subject matter, you would expect to find extremely broad-ranging top level categories within them. Topics such as entertainment, news, sports, travel, or technology would be the kind of things you might well expect to find as top level categories within a general directory. When a user clicks on one of these top-level categories, related sub-categories will be shown.

From the web users point of view, the utility of a general directory lies in the ease with which the user can find interesting resources through it compared to other means of doing the same thing, such as search engines. Website owners are usually keen to have their websites listed in general directories because they believe it will increase traffic to their site. The owners of general directories sometimes charge website owners for the privilege of being listed in the directory, although some may offer this service for free.

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  • Help Getting listed in major search engines
  • Improvement in Search Engine Rankings
  • Targeting specific keywords / phrases
  • Increased Traffic
  • Increase the Website’s Visibility
  • Brand building
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