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Health directories are websites which offer links to other websites with content related to health and well-being. Typically, some of these websites would be information resources which would allow those who suspect they are suffering from some undiagnosed ailment to get an idea of what it might be; in other cases, websites will provide information on the proper care and treatment of a condition. Many governments around the wealth have invested heavily in creating websites which provide information on health topics. They see it as easing the burden on hard-pressed healthcare workers if people can acquire health-related information for themselves. Of course, the body of knowledge related to all possible ailments that human beings can suffer from is vast and a health directory will attempt break the subject down into categories in order to make the volume of information manageable.

Health directories would typically offer links to sites with telephone numbers which people can call to receive advice or treatment in an emergency. There may also be links to sites where medicinal drugs can be purchased, sites where people can learn about first aid and giving more general information about how to maintain fitness levels to limit the chance of serious health problems emerging in the first place.

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