Media Directories

Media directories are websites which link to other websites containing media-related information. The linked websites will be grouped into useful categories to make browsing an easier experience for the user.

Typically, there will be categories for each major media type such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio. By clicking on these category links, the user will be taken to a page of relevant sub-categories. Links to the websites of major media organisations such as large television companies or well-known newspapers would normally be included here.

In addition to the traditional media, there may well be separate categories related to the so-called new media, a term used to refer to internet-based media such as blogs or internet radio stations. There would probably also be links to other organisations involved in the media industry such as advertising companies, regulatory organisations and websites which offer radio and television listings.

Although there are some media organisations who cater to an international customer base, the majority are more location-specific than that. Television and radio stations, for example, are usually strongly location-based. For this reason, most media directories are focused on providing media-related information for one country only, although some may aspire to be international in scope.

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