Niche Directories

Niche Directories are websites which provide links to other websites which specialise in content from a very narrowly-defined subject area. The niche in question could be anything really, but will most likely not be of much interest to the average person. For example, a niche directory might specialise in refrigeration technology or in information of interest to stamp collectors.

Although the number of people interested in the subject matter may be low when compared to more popular topics such as cinema or music, it is very likely that there are far fewer competitor websites dealing in the same area. From a business perspective, therefore, a niche directory can make economic sense.

Because the niche subject is so specialised, a niche directory owner can offer a platform to advertisers which is highly targeted towards customers with an interest in whatever they are selling.

Some niche directories offer listings for free while others may charge a fee. Naturally, the niche directory will usually have to have achieved a respectable number of page hits per month before others are likely to be willing to pay much to be listed there. Usually, the listing process on niche directories is not automatic. A human being must usually visit the site which has been proposed for listing and first verify that it does fall within the niche directorys subject area.

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