Real Estate Directories

Real Estate Directories are websites which present links to many other websites which contain real estate-related information. Some directories will focus on one country, while others will be international in scope.

On a typical real estate directory, the links and information will be assembled into categories, often presented in a hierarchical tree format where the user can move down from one category to a subset of it. Common categories would include mortgages, rental, and legal. There may be separate categories for different property types such as flats, houses or holiday homes. Without a doubt there will also be links to websites where properties which are currently for sale can be viewed. Typically these sites feature descriptions of each property, accompanied by at least one photograph and often several. There would usually also be some form of search facility so that users can browse only properties within a specific part of the country they are interested in.

In addition to the links to other websites, many real estate directories include information resources of their own to help visitors become familiar with the intricacies of buying, selling, renting or managing property. Of course, the legal aspects of property are extremely complex and often professional advice will be required. A good real estate directory will contain many links to the websites of many professional practitioners.

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