Reciprocal Directories

Reciprocal Directories are websites which link to other websites on the condition that those websites link back to them. Some are free while others charge a fee for this service.

It is normally left to the initiative of the website owner to request that his website be included in the reciprocal directory. Before the website is linked to on the site, there will be some form of checking process to make sure that the website owner has fulfilled his side of the bargain and included a link back to the reciprocal directory. The checking can either be performed by hand or entirely automated.

In general, the rationale for the existence of reciprocal directories comes from the ranking algorithms used by search engines. The greater the number of websites which link to another website, the higher the rank (and therefore visibility) that website has in a typical search results page. Therefore, creating systems for trading links can make sense for the owners of both websites.

Since, in theory, the owner of any website can request including in a reciprocal directory, the subject matter covered by it is extremely vast. To make browsing a more pleasant experience for the user, the linked websites will normally therefore be grouped into categories.

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