Recreation Directories

Recreation directories are websites which provide links to websites featuring information about the many interests and activities people like to pursue in their spare time. Naturally, this encompasses a vast array of different things. The websites will be grouped into categories for easier navigation so that a visitor can begin in a broad overview category then gradually work down to more narrowly specialised topics.

Typically a recreation directory would feature categories like Sports, covering all the various sporting activities people can engage in; outdoor, exploring outdoor pursuits such as hill-walking, mountaineering and camping; collecting, for hobbies which involve collecting things such as stamps or coins. There might well be categories for various types of motor vehicle too. Some recreation directories might feature a Travel category although some would say that travel is such a broad topic in itself that it could only be properly explored in a full directory of its own. Dining out is another favourite recreational activity and many directories will feature a restaurant section for that reason.

Often recreation directories will also contain links to other websites which are supposed to provide fun to visitors, for example by telling jokes or offering online games that can be played.

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