Regional Directories

Regional Directories are websites that provide pointers to resources within particular geographical areas. The definition of region could vary significantly from one directory to another. Some regional directories may focus exclusively on a single local area; others may start at a global level, presenting categories for each continent of the world then progressively narrowing it down from there through hierarchies of sub-categories to the country and then provincial level.

The actual resources linked to in regional directories could be absolutely anything that is likely to be of interest to local people. Naturally, most of the links should be to organisations or services which serve only that local community, rather than a national or international customer base, or it would defeat the point of having a regional directory in the first place. Within each regional category, there might well be categories of links to each major business type, for example restaurants, plumbers, shops and so forth.

In general, the links featured in a regional directory would be entered into the system by the owner of the relevant business or organisation. Naturally, their incentive in most cases would be to use the directory as promotional platform in order to drive business to their website or increase awareness of their organisations existence.

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