Science Directories

Science directories are websites offering links to other websites which explore scientific topics. Since science is such as broad term, literally meaning only knowledge, a typical science directory will feature many sub-categories of the main subject.

As well as the classical trio of science subjects, this being physics, chemistry and biology, a science directory might also have categories for the scientific publications where new scientific research is published; institutions which many scientists belong to; bodies which award funds for scientific research; resources through which scientists can find employment; and perhaps categories which incorporate the term science but are usually not regarded as core scientific subjects, for example computer science or social science.

A visitor to a science directory site should be able to drill down from the main categories into more narrowly defined subject areas. Science, of course, features an enormous array of specialisations and this will be reflected in the link hierarchy on the science directory site.

From broad super-categories like physics or biology, the user could move down to specialities like nuclear physics or microbiology. Similarly, these sub-categories might well have further sub-categories of their own. For example, sub-specialisations of microbiology might be immunology or microscopy. In this way, the science directory site will try to reflect the vastness and diversity of science itself.

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