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SEO directories are websites which links to other websites which have content likely to be of interest to anyone working or dabbling in the field of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation to give it its full title. For the uninitiated, the craft of SEO is about getting websites to rank high in search engine results. There are various little tricks and strategies that, when impliemented, can dramatically improve a websites search results rankings.

An SEO directory will typically contain links to resources where people can educate themselves about the practice of SEO, including tutorials, blogs of experienced SEO practitioners, and forums where SEO professionals discuss their own business. There would also be categories for companies which specialise in SEO so that website owner who are looking for a boost can get in touch with them. There are special software tools for use in SEO so there would undoubtedly be a category for Software too.

The reason for SEO in most cases ultimately involves a desire to earn more advertising revenue. Therefore a good SEO directory will contain links to online advertising companies. Many websites are extremely useful in the practice of SEO. For example, there are websites which offer mass search engine submission services, others which indicate the most popular keywords, and still others which allow sites to be listed in directories. One would expect to find categories for these kinds of resources in an SEO directory.

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