Society Directories

Society Directories are websites which collate links to other websites whose content reflects various aspects of our society, such as its demographic makeup, dominant cultures and subcultures, and controversies and issues which are in the forefront of our collective consciousness.

A societys directorys content will be organised into categories, each category opening up into relevant sub-categories these too have further sub-categories of their own. In this way, a user who is visiting the directory can find a general topic that may be of interest to him or her and navigate through the category lists to find something interesting.

Typically, with society being extremely diverse, one would expect the categories to cover an extremely broad range of topics, including such things as sexual issues and subcultures such as homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender concerns, and sexual discrimination; politics and political activism would be represented, with links to organisations that campaign on controversial issues.

Anything that has a bearing on a persons sense of identity would be at home in a society directory so links to ethnic minority organisations and ethnic history resources would undoubtedly feature in the category lists. Of course, the less pleasant aspects of inter-racial societies such as racial discrimination and the legal issues surrounding it would also be present in the linked resources.

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