Sports Directories

Sports directories are websites which link to other websites related to sport. The links will be arranged in hierarchical tree form so that a user can find a general topic of interest and then gradually click through the links to find narrower and narrower topics.

In a sports directory, most of the top categories will relate to the many separate sports which exist. For example, you would expect to find a category for football, another for rugby, another for basketball and so on. Beneath the top categories will be a range of related sub-categories. Sub-categories of football, for example, might include another category for football clubs, another for football associations and governing bodies, and another for football news sites.

Many sports directories will take an extremely broad definition of what exactly constitutes a sport. So, for example, martial arts links might be provided even though some might contend that, strictly speaking, martials arts are not sports. Other bordeline cases might include such things as skateboarding or video game competition. Sports directories may differ in the way sites come to be listed on the directory. Some may have their contents compiled at the discretion of the directory owner; others may require the website owners to request a listing.

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