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Travel directories are websites which link to other websites which feature travel-related content. These other websites will be grouped into relevant categories so that visitors can easily find the kind of information they are looking for. Much travel-relevant information is local or country-specific in scope, for example information about airports or train services, so many travel directories will focus in on one country, although some may aspire to be international in nature.

Naturally, geographical destinations are likely to account for several of the categories on most travel directories. One would also expect to find categories for travel agents who can assist prospective holiday-makers in arranging a holiday. Links to websites which specialise in foreign exchange, either through providing information about the latest exchange rates, or through providing facilities for converting one currency into another, would also be featured.

A good travel directory would also contain links to the web pages of major airlines and airports. Accommodation would most likely have a category all of its own with appropriate sub-categories including hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, hostels and camping grounds. Any travel directory could also be expected to feature links to timetables for various travel services such as bus and rail networks.

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