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Web design directories are websites which link to other websites with content likely to be of interest to those involved in web design. The links provided would normally be grouped into hierarchical categories to make navigation easier for the user.

A tutorial category would be very common in most web design directories. The technologies that power the web are complex and constantly changing. Therefore even professionals have to make continual efforts to keep educating themselves about some of the technical aspects of web design. Even those who specialise in the artistic side of things usually require a modicum of techical knowledge to be able to do their jobs effectively, and some of the artistic tools, such as Photoshop, are themselves fairly complex and require training in order to use effectively.

A good web design directory will contain pointers to resources such as graphics, fonts, sounds and animations which can be used on a web page. Some of these will be offered for free; others will have to be paid for. There may also be a category for web templates. These are essentially complete designs for web sites, including graphics and HTML and all others resources required, which can be downloaded and customised to the users needs.

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