Web Hosting Directories

Web hosting directories are websites which offer links to other websites with information related to web hosting. The various kinds of website will be grouped into categories so that visitors can more easily find whatever it is that they are looking for.

Clearly, a major category in any web hosting directory is going to be related to companies which offer web hosting services. Free web hosting services may receive a category of their own but the majority of web hosting services are commercial operations. Various kinds of web hosting exist, including the most common, website hosting, as well as more specialised areas such as blog hosting or managed web hosting which involves a website running on a dedicated server.

A web hosting directory might well contain separate categories for different operating systems on which the server runs, Unix and its variant linux being one common option while Windows would be another. Some web technologies require unusual support on the hosting server therefore there might well be separate categories for these, including such things, for example, as Cold Fusion or Frontpage. Ecommerce web hosting services might also exist as a separate category since the server-related demands of an online shop can be slightly more complex than those of a standard website.

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