Webmaster Directories

Webmaster directories are websites which contain links to other websites which are likely to be of interest to webmasters. The links will be grouped into hierarchical categories in order to make it easier for visitors to find the kind of sites they are looking for.

Among the categories likely to be included in a typical webmaster directory are those providing content which webmasters can use on their own sites. This might include graphical content, such as banners, button graphics and animations, sounds which can be played on the web page, as well as articles which can be downloaded and inserted onto another web page. As well as media content, there will be categories for scripts and program code which is likely to be of use to webmasters.

Many webmasters make money from their sites now through various kinds of advertising so any good webmaster directory will contain links to firms involved in the online advertising business. Since directories are one of the best means of promoting a website, there would probably also be links to various other directories in an average webmaster directory.

Of course, webmasters must be concerned not only with the content of their websites but with the back-end hosting operations behind them. For this reason, there would also be a category related to internet hosting service providers.

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